National Forum

Let’s Talk Learning Analytics and Retention

Following on from the National Forum

The project held its National Forum, Let’s Talk Learning Analytics & Student Retention, on April 9, 2015 at Griffith University. The forum was attended by 148 people from a wide range of institutions and special thanks must go to Griffith (and Queensland’s sunny weather) for being such fantastic hosts.

Download the event program

The forum was a fantastic opportunity to come together and share institutional and group progress with learning analytics and to think about how we can distribute good practice more widely across institutions and the sector at-large.

The forum also provided an opportunity for people across the sector to provide feedback on the framework, discussion questions and other resources that had been developed throughout the project.

Forum Resources

The main purpose of this page is to provide a space for people to access the project materials as they were presented at the forum. There will be refinement of the materials and additional resources posted on the website in the weeks and months following the completion of the final report. This gives people an opportunity to use the materials in the meantime and over time will illustrate the evolution of the thinking and resources as we build on the work carried out to date.

Project Method & Findings

In the morning session one of the main sections was a presentation of the project data by the project leader, Deborah West. This was important in laying the groundwork for the remainder of the day because it set the context out of which the framework was developed and helped to illustrate key issues in the sector indicated in this project.

This presentation can be viewed below.
The slides are also attached as a separate PDF resource.

Let’s Talk Learning Analytics Framework

One of the key project outputs was a framework focusing on the factors that need to be talked about when institutional implementation of learning analytics is being considered and acted upon. The framework comprises a one page conceptual map, with six domains – organisation around the process of systematic discussion. The domains are:

  1. Institutional context
  2. Transitional institutional elements
  3. Learning analytics infrastructure
  4. Transitional retention elements
  5. Learning analytics for retention
  6. Intervention and reflection

Download the framework presented at the forum

The framework is accompanied by a series of discussion questions, which are organisation around the domains and elements of the framework to give practical prompts of the types of questions and issues that can be asked during a learning analytics implementation. The questions are available below:

Download the discussion questions from the forum

One of the main sessions at the forum focused on presentation of the framework and how the data gathered during the project informed the various domains, elements and questions.

This presentation can be viewed below.
The slides are attached as separate PDF resources above.

Case Studies

It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is much that can be learnt about learning analytics from the different challenges and successes experienced by other people, groups and institutions across the sector. This project builds on the narrative through a series of five case studies representing different aspects of the learning analytics journey for each of the five partner institutions.

In addition to providing practical descriptions of the types of work being done at the partner institutions the case studies are specifically written to highlight the six domains of the framework. This is mapped out in more detail in the introduction to the case studies:

Download the Introduction to the Case Studies

Each of the case studies can be downloaded below.

Batchelor Case Study
Murdoch Case Study
Newcastle Case Study
Charles Darwin Case Study
Griffith Case Study